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Sunday, 23 February 2014

New Craft Room

As promised I am back to share the photos of my new craft room. 

A big thank you to my lovely husband Phil who worked so hard to create this lovely space for me.

Warning it  is photo heavy.

These are large sheets of magnetic material to keep my dies on 

I hope you like it.

Gina x


  1. That looks wonderful Gina, I must say I'm very jealous lol, what a fab hubby you have that must have taken him some time and effort to do. It looks very well thought out. I have all my large dies on sheets on the wall too, I need to make more use of my wall space though as it certainly frees up room on the desk, I'm always wary of going too high though as I'm such a shrimp I'd have to stand on a chair to reach it lol! :) xx

  2. OMG! Craft room envy here big time, and all those dies!
    Like it! I love it!
    Mel. xxx

  3. Wow Gina! Your craft space looks amazing! Your husband did a wonderful job and I'm sure you'll have so much fun working in your new room. Thanks for sharing those lovely pics. We're waiting for the new projects to come :)

  4. Wow!!! Your hubby Phil has done a marvelous job.
    Everything is in it's rightful place. I love the baskets and the fab idea with the dies.
    Hugs, Donna. xx

  5. Woweeee! What a fabulous craft space! Suitably jealous here LOL. It looks so bright, clean & airy with fab storage! A wonderful space .... and a wonderful hubby too :) xx

  6. When can I come to stay, lol. It looks so well planned and the room is really well set out. You're a very lucky lady, I bet you can't wait to get creating in there. That's going on my Pinterest board under 'Dream Craft Room'.

  7. Your craftroom is so beautiful, Gina!
    Love all your storage!!!!


  8. Beautifull! And soooo clean :) As far ;)

  9. Wow, this is better than any room in my house, it looks heavenly!
    Thanks for sharing and happy crafting.
    Hugs, Katie

  10. Stunning hun....your hubby done a fabulous job...xx

  11. Lovely bright and tidy craft room Gina, enjoy x Susan x

  12. Awesome room! I want one now just like yours! what a Great set up easier to grab all your Amazing Crafting tools!

  13. Such a beautiful organized room. Your husband did a wonderful job. Love the magnetic board for your died and the racks for your punches. Don't know how I'd be able to keep it all looking so good though. Hope you're better at that than I'd be. Edna

  14. Great space and storage ideas!!! Laahooove the magnetic board ..pinning for future ideas:) Hubby did a fantastic job ! He's a keeper for sure! :)

  15. ohhhh wooooow Gina! This is an amazing room, it must be lovely to sit and craft with all of that lovely storage! What a good hubby you have
    Hugs Kylie x

  16. What a fabulous working space Gina - you lucky lady! hope you enjoy getting creative there!
    Kim x

  17. Fantastic room,you have given me some ideas how to transform my craft room,well done hubby.